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In April of 2012 I began partnering with an organization called Fields of Dreams Uganda.  FoDU hopes to improve soccer fields & empower the children of Uganda to reach their God-given potential. The organization’s goals are to provide hope for the orphaned & vulnerable children of Uganda through the vehicles of soccer & education. Fields of Dreams Uganda works with a group of widows in Kampala, Uganda by purchasing their goods at a fair wage & finding a marketplace for these items in the United States (ie my shows!). All of the products I’ve been selling on the road for Ekisa Designs are handmade by the talented women living in Kampala. While in Uganda in February 2013 I had an incredible opportunity to meet Hannifah & Rose, the widow's who make these well hand-crafted products.  You can view pictures of the widow's market here: Widow's Market

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If you'd like to donate to Fields of Dreams & partner with what they're doing, please do so by checking out their site here: Fields of Dreams Uganda


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Hope is Rising EP
  • Hope is Rising EP
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Partner with Jennie Wellsand, Be Still & Know & Fields of Dreams Uganda to help widows & orphans achieve their dreams by purchasing a Live in Uganda EP! This EP will feature a live performance of Morning Light by New Kabaale Busega, the first orphanage we visited in Uganda & will also have a couple new JW tunes fresh from the studio!

Expected album release date, Late Spring 2013. (Just around the corner!!)
Price : donation of $15 or more

After covering the costs to make the album (which will be minimal), the rest of the proceeds will go to Fields of Dreams Uganda to help make these children’s dreams a reality.
The students at the orphanages designed the album artwork by drawing their hope for their future. The album will have a picture with the child's face, name & dream located inside the cd cover that will allow you to see the childs face, know their hope & pray for them!

We have a limited edition of these album covers, order yours online today! View photos of some of the kids at The Ep Project 

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Purses $18.00

Banana Leaf Soccer Ball $6.00


Baskets $15.00

FoDU T-Shirts $15.00

Stuffed Animal Products


Sticker $1.00

Awe of You