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Hand Surgery = $10,029.00, my deductible = $10,000.00. -- That is way too many zeros and commas.  That's how much hand surgery is going to cost from a slip of a kitchen knife at my nephews 2nd birthday party! I was cutting an ice cream cake that I should've let thaw longer, pushed on the top of the knife with my hand it it slipped right into the top of my left hand below my thumb. Rushing to the urgent care my brother knew for certain that I cut a tendon.  I should've listened to him and urged the doctor to repair it then and there, however, The Lord knew what needed to be done. He was more concerned about the wound, so he cleaned it, glued it and the wound is healing amazingly.  He advised me not to move it much so the wound would keep closed, I listened, but then I couldn't move my thumb very well after the healing time had pasted. The doc told me if my hand was still immobile after two weeks to come back to see the "hand guy" -  IF I would've known my hand was cut down to the tendon right then and there in the urgent care, I would've had to have surgery immediately -- leaving me without a mobile thumb for 6-8 weeks leading me to cancel 4 worship leading retreats during this Fall season (my source of income & heart of my ministry!).  Amazingly, The Lord lead me to gain knowledge of someone in my church who is a physical therapist, who then got me an appointment in the area to meet with a hand surgeon, which would've typically taken months. I met with the hand surgeon who wisely told me that if I need to keep these commitments for provision as well as promise, we could hold off on the surgery until late October.  Thankful that only left me canceling two of my Fall events (which I'm really sad about :-|) BUT am thankful I could still keep the 4 on my calendar!!

All of this to say, when I got back from India this Summer, The Lord planted a seed in my heart about starting a music school in Trivandrum. When I am in The States I am giving appox 4-5 guitar lessons, where as in India, I could be giving 30 on a weekly basis and training musicians how to become worship leaders.  I thought I was coming back to America to fundraise for my next adventure overseas! But it seems like I am in need of funding a hand surgery first.  

This is all I want to do in life:  

1. Study God's Word + Love Him

2. Love His People 

3. Hold Babies 

4. Play Guitar / Lead His People in Worship for as long as His will allows 

Please consider donating a small portion, a large portion or whatever you can give to donate to my medical needs so I can get the proper care, have the proper healing time and continue to use the gifts God has given me here in The States and overseas.  

I have an amazing opportunity to go to Chattanooga TN to be trained in a Precepts Upon Precepts class at the begining of December and I am really excited to see that weekend is going to be almost to the end point of my appointed healing time (#1 on my list) :)

The Lord WILL Provide.  

Thank you for loving me and being a part of my ministry! 


Jennie Wellsand 

Worship Leader

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